Help Our Prison Education- HOPE 1

HOPE 1 is one of our programs designed to help support/revitalize and improve our Correctional Education in Nigeria.
Our goal through this program is to create an educational environment for the inmates to thrive and be rehabilitated holistically.

Vision: Create a unique correctional experience where each inmate thrives.

Mission: To enhance the education/rehabilitation of the whole person by developing his/her intellectual, social, personal, educational, spiritual and physical dimensions.

We perform these functions by:

• Creating/Equipping the existing libraries in the facilities in Nigeria with books/computers and other educational materials needed.
• Enhancing training for staff working with the inmates
• Enhancing vocational training.
• Enhancing Higher educational training for inmates through HOPE 1 Scholarship, STEP project (Science, Technology, Engineering Path)
• Enhancing Health and wellness education through workshops and trainings.