Nigeria Reads:

There is a big book famine in Nigeria. In order to address this issue. Nigeria Connects organizes
books/ educational material drives here in the US to help our educational institutions in Nigeria.
Through this project we have been able to generate over 100,000 books and over 1,000
computers and other educational materials that we have blessed so many educational institutions
in Nigeria with. In addition. we facilitate literacy through the creation of Community Based
Library (CBL), Community Literacy Initiatives (CLI), Institutional Media Support (IMS).

What is a Community Based Library?
Community Based library is a community initiated/funded library set up by a specific
community to meet the educational/literacy need of the community. The goal of the library is to
disseminate books and information for free or close to free. to archive information. to
provide a community space for people to interact around information: to give people the
tools necessary to manage information in a sensible way.

What is Community Literacy Initiative?
Literacy is active aspect of community development, and it achieved through reading. Literacy
promotion is one of the keys that support inclusive engagement in rural community schools as
well as drive holistic community development. ILA (2018) stated that literacy is essential and
creates more dynamic societies, prosperous economies and meaningful lives. Through the CLI,
Nigeria Connects intend to:
• Promote reading
• Family literacy
• Tutoring and After School programs
• Partnership with Nonprofit organizations involved in Literacy.

Institutional Media Support (IMS)
This project involves working with existing libraries in schools (Primary, Secondary, and higher
education) and communities in Nigeria. It also involves creating libraries for schools that do not
have libraries. We help the libraries by
• supplying donated books and other educational materials
• cataloguing the books (creating an OPAC system for the donated books)
• setting up computer labs (ICT)