Banke Onabamiro

Nigeria Reads coordinator for OYO StateBanke Onabamiro

Onabanke Onabamiro is a 53-year-old Vice Principal in an Oyo State Secondary School. Her teaching career began almost 24 years ago. To her surprise when she went to class to teach, she found out that her students’ quality of written and spoken English left a lot to be desired, with this having a lot to do with the lack of availability of books to them. Onabanke decided to do something about this from the word go and has been providing free books and encouraging her students to read and write better. Banke is a chip off the old block and the child who inherited daddy’s love of books. Her late father Professor S D Onabamiro who was Minister for Education in the Western Region had a library in the family home at Ago Iwoye and that was where she learned to read Dickens, Chaucer, Austen, Forster, Eliot’s, etc works. The love of English Literature was birthed in her that early so she knows the importance of books and how they can affect a child’s brilliance and open up opportunities to them in life. Onabanke has joined Nigeria Reads as the Coordinator for its operations in Oyo State which in turn is providing a good opportunity for her to source for books as she is helping the Permanent Secretary in TESCOM to oversee the provision/upgrading of Schools Libraries in the State, alongside carrying out exercises that will encourage students to imbibe the love of books and reading. Banke graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in Communication and Language Arts and she also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Real Name: Banke Onabamiro



Skill: Leadership. Volunteering