Samuel Omotoso

IT Coordinator / Consultant in NigeriaS. B. OMOTOSO, B.A. MILR, M.Sc.

Samuel Omotoso is a Managing Director of Tintol Business Services, (TBS) Ibadan, Nigeria. TBS is an ICT and Educational Resources Management firm with a special focus on setting up Integrated and Virtual Library Systems, Educational Databases, Computer Repairs, Networking and Internet Deployment, Resources Digitization and Multimedia Services, Web Design and Management, and Publishing of Online Scholarly Journals. Mr. S. B. Omotoso, Prior to his new current roles had served as a professional University Administrator for more than 18 years in Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Edwin Clark University, Delta State, and as Registrar, Dominion University. Between 2014 and 2019, he satisfactorily coordinated the Directorate of ICT of Edwin Clark University. Apart from the above, Mr. Omotoso is actively involved in teaching, social research, management consultancy and has facilitated various workshops and seminars on blended teaching and learning system, career development, entrepreneurship and retirement planning, human resources management among others. Mr. Omotoso is a recipient of several awards and distinctions. Based on his research paper titled: ‘the Influence of Employee Relations on Workers Behaviour: A Comparative Analysis of the Private and Public Sector Workers in Nigeria, he emerged as the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) Young Manager of the Year 1997. A combination of sound academic training, self-development and practical experience of over two decades has provided him with adequate materials and exposure for his day-to-day activities.

Real Name: Samuel Omotoso



Skill: Leadership. Volunteering